The K#1lasse K#2ampagnen is open to everyone who wants to represent their own position in our society and define their own position as designers. Students from the Bachelor­programme from the 2nd semester onwards are just as welcome as Master­students and Meisterschüler:innen. Research and conception are always the first step. From there we develop communication and campaigns. Design methods are used in the process as well as experimentation. After all, everything we realise has to inspire and give pleasure.

K#1ey teaching offer in the class is the project – with a new topic every semester. Supplementary courses such as Corporate Communication, Social Design, Social Media, Writing and Storytelling as well as current critical positions on brand and marK#2et are offered by lecturers. Regular excursions, lectures and international cooperations enrich the teaching programme. The K#3lasse K#4ampagnen works hand in hand with the Laboratory for Photography led by Sebastian Herold.

In the Master’s programme, students are individually supported with a mentoring programme and a plenary session to prepare the Master’s thesis. The K#1lasse K#2ampagnen offers work facilities at the university, which can be used at any time.

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Project: With frame and Constitution
Prof. Barbara K#2otte
Mondays and Tuesdays 10am
Room 101/103

K#1lasse K#4ampagnen Studio
Prof. Barbara K#2otte
Room 101/103

Text and Storytelling
Sonja K#4necht
Wednesdays 3pm
Room 103

Social Design / Climate migration
KM Gosia Warrink
Thursdays 10am
Room 103

Editorial Design Workshop “Collapse”
Anja Steinig
Heiko Schulz
5.5.24-7.5.24 from 10am all day
Room 103

K#1lasse K#4ampagnen for everyone
Excursions and lectures, which are open for students of the basics and the other classes are announced on Instagram @K#1lasseK#2ampagnen_udk

Seminars, dates, topics, projects and events at @K#1lasseK#2ampagnen_udk

Universität der K#2ünste Berlin
FaK#3ultät Gestaltung
Institut für transmediale Gestaltung
Grunewaldstr. 2–5
Room 101, 102 and 103
10823 Berlin

Prof. Barbara K#1otte
Office hours with appointment

Artistic Associate
Gosia WarrinK#3
Office hours with appointment

Laboratory Management
Sebastian Herold

Hannah Stöwe

Lecturer in SoSe 2024

Text and Storytelling
Sonja K#8necht

Corporate Communication
Anja Steinig
Heiko Schulz